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Ruby: Icon Tutorial

Wow, I haven't made a tutorial since July of last year. Little rusty. Still on icon hiatus btw. :P
dearlennon requested a tut on this Ruby icon, and I realized I remembered-ish how to make it. I came close, I think.

made in PSCS2. not translatable!! involves levels, selective color, color balance, hue/sat, photofilters
PSD + other examples.

Start off with your base. Mine's a little dark so I duplicated it twice and set them both to screen. You may not need this many screen layers. It depends on your image.

Now, make a levels adjustment layer. Settings:
RGB: 6, 1.11, 255
set this layer to softlight

Make a color balance adjustment layer. Settings:
SHADOWS: -11,+2,+17

Make a selective color adjustment layer. Settings:
REDS: +2,0,-8,+16
WHITES: +30,-6,+22,-33
BLACKS: 0,0,0,+17

Make a hue/saturation adjustment layer. Settings:

Make a curves adjustment layer. Settings:
RED: 164:158 and 112:121
GREEN: 167:167 and 121:111

Make a photo filter adjustment layer. Settings:
Make sure the color bullet is selected, not filter.
for the color: #ac7a33
density: 14%
preserve luminocity should be checked.
Put the opacity of the layer to 10%.
I don't think it makes much of a difference, but it's nice to have, lol.

Now copy merge the layers. Select all then hit Ctrl+Shift+C
Paste that over everything else, desaturate it and set it to softlight. Put the opacity of the layer to 48%

Make a selective color adjustment layer. Settings:
RED: -2,0,-4,+56
WHITE: -34,-6,-21,-36
NEUTRAL: -10,+4,-10,+3
BLACK: 0,0,0,+45

Make a colorbalance adjustment layer. Settings:
MIDTONES: +22,0,-13
SHADOWS: +12,0,0
HIGHLIGHTS: -6,-7,-5
and now, you are finished!
NOTES: remember to play with settings and opacities. Not every image is the same. Especially supernatural caps. >_>
If your icon is WAY too contrasted in the end, change the selective color's black, black settings. Or you should take the last selective color layer out altogether. This original image was weird...
For regular brightly colored caps like this tyra cap from fnl take the selective color layer out all together. It makes it really contrasted and ugly if you leave it in.

If you want a PSD you're going to have to comment to get the link. =D

other examples(varied settings):

Tags: icon tutorials, maker: nightcomes, tv: supernatural
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