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tutorial; boiled frogs

second tut for bubbles_girl778:).
It's easy, but there's just a fair amount of steps.

PSCS2; not translatable; selective colour, curves.

-Start off with your base. Duplicate it twice. Set them both to screen. Set the second duplicate's opacity to 50%

-Make a curves adjustment layer.
This makes the image brighter and gives it contrast.
RGB: first point: I:229 O:231
second point: I:153 O:213
third point: I:61 O:90
RED: I:124 O:140
GREEN: I:146 O:167
BLUE: first point: I:185 O:219
second point: I:77 O:124
Set this layer to soft light
The curves should look like this

-Make a selective colour adjustment layer.
REDS: Cyan: -100
Yellow: +100
Black: -27
YELLOWS: Cyan: -68
Yellow: +59
Black: -31
NEUTRALS: Cyan:+49
Yellow: -27
Black: -7

-Make one more selective colour adjustment layer.
REDS: Cyan: -34
Yellow: +18
NEUTRALS: Cyan: +24
Magenta: -7
Yellow: -11
Black: +4
And you are finished! :D

other icons made using this technique or similar

You can save the icons, just remember to credit.
I hope it was easy to understand! Id love to see your results!
Download the PSD here.
FRIEND the community
Tags: icon tutorials, maker: nightcomes, tv: buffy the vampire slayer
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